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Tipi Village in the Mail Tribune this morning.  Thank you Mark Freeman.  Check it out.

Tipi Village on the front page of the Sunday Mail Tribune




Land Liberation Campaign is Launched!

Friends and family, known and unknown, we are excited to announce that we have launched our Land Liberation Campaign!  We have 41 days left to raise the funds needed to liberate the summer home of Tipi Village.  This ‘liberation’ declares it will be owned by no ‘one’ individual, will never again be sold, the natural resources protected and an open place for all who are inspired to live migratory, in tipis, will be maintained.  This liberation is not only for this specific piece of land nor for this specific tipi community.  It extends beyond that.  It is cultivating and conserving a life-way  that is harmonious with the earth.  Tipi Village encourages a way of life that is direct and intimate with the wild.  When a culture is rooted and connected to a place and it’s plants, water and animals, there is less suffering and confusion.  A deeper sense of purpose is directly related to a deep sense of place.  Tipi Village wishes to continue it’s relationship with this place.  We have heard many times that it isn’t for everyone.  Ok. We are not proposing that it is.  But we, speaking of humanity, must maintain an open place for this life-way to exist.

We have been sweetly tucked away in our little bubble in the woods for many years now.  It seems that the recent events of the land owners death, the land being for sale and the contention/competition with the neighbors has pulled us out of this bubble.  Or perhaps it has encouraged our bubble to grow.  Maybe it’s time to share this vision more widely.  At this point, it seems obvious to follow the process in raising funds to buy and liberate this land.   We know how to just pitch our lodge on a flat bit of land and roll our beds out, but why not give it all we have and then let it go?

The thing is, we really need help from a wider community, which includes you.  We are doing all we can from our home deep in the woods.  And we are going at it from many angles.  Radio interviews, newspaper articles, filming and making a campaign video, emails, phone calls, facebooking, plunging deep into ceremony, talking circles, tabling at the market and local food co-op, singing prayers, letting go, listening to the land……

Again, there are only 41 days left to raise $300,000 to liberate this land.  We aim to raise a bit more than that to pay for all the costs related to the project.  We have fiscal sponsorship from The Way Foundation, making contributions tax-deductible.

Please help us to spread the word far and wide.  If everyone who felt inspired gave what they could, no matter how large or small, this land could be liberated and a place for all to live intimately with the natural world maintained.  Together we can do this.

What you can do:

1:Make a straight, simple donation of ANY amount.

2: Buy a ‘Coyote Share’.     Shares are $1000 each. A share is an ongoing connection to The Project. It’s a way of stating a clear intention of support and it’s a stake in the future. It allows for continuation. The term ‘Coyote Share’ comes from the new paradigm thinking of ‘owning’ ‘free’ land. It subverts the notion that land can ever actually be ‘owned’ and it empowers the relationship between one and Mother Earth.

3: Buy a raffle ticket.

Tickets are $3 each. Prizes include a 13′ Rogue Dwellings tipi, with poles. An obsidian, antler handled knife. An adult tricycle. A 1hr professional massage.  Lindy Kehoe artwork. Fair Ophelia Designs hooded scarf. More prizes are being contributed all the time (another way to participate). The draw will be on the 1st of October and winners will be announced on To buy tickets online use the PayPall donate button above and include your name, phone number and the words ‘raffle entry’ in the note; we’ll fill out a ticket and put it in the hat.

4: Spread the word about the cause, pass our blog address ( on to everyone you know even if you think they might not be interested. Find us on Facebook: 

Striking sparks in dry tinder can make a big fire.

5: Watch, like and share our short campaign video at


Sending warm love and gratitude to all,



Land Liberation Project!

The call is out to the widest and farthest worlds. Support the Land Liberation Project!

We are tipi dwellers in Southern Oregon. As Tipi Village we have been nestled on private land within the Cascade-Siskiyou’s since 2008, migrating in the spring and autumn from the mountains to the valley.
Our priorities and inspiration are maintaining and cultivating a way of living which is spiritually and physically harmonious with the land, flora and fauna. Fauna including ourselves and our relationships and their names. We have had an amicable relationship with the land owners throughout this time and recently the land has been put up for sale.
There is a wealthy neighbour who intends to buy the land, have us removed and then sell the land to the national monument for preservation in exclusion of living, human relationship. We feel strongly that re-introducing humanity and wild, inside and outside, is of great importance at this time. Wildness is a neglected aspect of much of our species, especially in the industrialized world.
We have no interest in ‘owning property’ so we have come up with the Land Liberation Project. Land that is part of The Project will never again be sold, will belong to no ‘one’ and shall maintain an open place for any who have the inspiration to live in harmony, low-impact, movable.
This message is a call for help, guidance, ideas, money. I have spent the past twenty years with the largest part of my faith in Mother Earth, before money. This remains the case.
The land owner said we have until the 1st of October before the deal with the neighbour goes through. We’re looking at raising $300,000. We have fiscal sponsorship from the Way foundation (Earthteach) which has non-profit status to allow for tax deductible contributions.   We’re reaching out in all directions. Help!


Here’s a newsletter collaboration, Imbolc edition. Feel free to print and share, participate with and contribute to the cause!

Love from Andé