Our Vision

We envision the opening of a place where all who have the intention and desire to live off the road, low impact and in movable dwellings can come and be.We envision children for our children to grow, play and learn with. We envision an enclave of the pre-industrial world amidst the mountains of the post-modern world where all are welcomed with respect and humility; a repository for information that is not able to be passed on electronicaly or through a screen. The kind of information we can only get from each other, from oak trees just beginning to bud, from a moon closer to full than first quarter, from a time of year falling between winter solstice and spring equinox, from the depth of wind, hail and sleet lashing the outside of our canvas homes as we pass on epic stories of times long gone and times not yet conceived  to our children and each other around a fire of madrone and oak.

Importantly, this land, homeland, will never again be sold. This land will belong to no-one.


Sleepy Skink

Sleepy Skink


14 thoughts on “Our Vision

  1. Wow, how beautiful, this is such a lovely way to share your vision and lives….modern day pioneers….blessings to you all

  2. Ande, Kayla,Rowan & Isla,

    We miss you guys…very very very much. We are very happy to see your site. It’s beautiful and we are very proud of your choice to live an epic life. We are humbled by the simplicity of your life and the care in which you live it.

    Hope to spend time with you soon. And we are very thankful for your desire to connect with us.

    Love you all very much,

    Lolo & Lola

  3. Hi Ande,
    Just like to know how you supliment your income with these hard times that all are going through, except for the CEO’S of Companies?Who are taking the cream off the top and running away!? If I understand it , you are a tipi maker?

    Kwn Kelly

    Ps. I will be following your web page.
    Do you have a way to contact you?

  4. So. I am very interested in what you are doing because I have lusted after a tipi and thought of living this way for some time now. Under what circumstances would you invite new dwellers to the area? Barring that, do you allow visits?

    Mark, a city dweller who agrees with what you are doing

    • Mark,
      We are open. Our vision is one of expansion. We are slowly growing. Yes, come for a visit. Where are you in the world?

      • Currently in Oklahoma City. I will certainly contact you when and if I am able to visit. Thank you!

  5. What a great picture of a skink! We have just ordered a new tipi and I have asked for a skink on the door. Can I possibly use your picture? Please contact me at your earliest convenience about this… Thanks!
    We live in KY…. what a fun and wonderful way to live and play.

  6. Your life and story has inspired my husband and I. We have 2 small children and one on the way in Spring of 2010. We have set our dreams to live as you do in our future. Are you in Washington?

  7. do you have a problem with animals coming to your site. we have lived in tents off grid, hauled water an cut wood every day as you do. we just never lived in a tipi. i have searched a lot of tipi sites and you have the best by for. we would like to come for a visit in 2011. we love to live off the land. we are in brookings oregon, we do have three dogs a border collie an two chihuahuas they are all well behaved dogs and are use to staying on a leash. they are like our kids. if you have a problem with dogs please let me know. you and your family have the life we have been looking for. the winters dont bother me cause i like the cold and the snow. i would like to here from you when you can. your friend rick

  8. love it, have often felt like going ‘mountain man’ especially when younger. i’m sure in the not too distant future we will have to return to our roots and live as one with the land. thanx and will look into purchasing a tipi as well

  9. your dream and vision is our dream and vision come true.. we feel very inspired to visit and become a part of the co creation of tipi village. we love the way of raising children most of all. we have lived in tipis before, have children, live simply, we are a strong family of love, harmony, and tribal living. we feel one with everything you wrote we resonate deeply in our hearts with you. many blessings.

    yesenia, michael and pueo
    maui, hawaii

  10. Are you all still there? I am very very interested in visiting. Please e-mail me with your location and when you’ll be there, and if there is a good window of time to visit.
    streetpolitics at yahoo . com

    Blessings to you!

  11. Hello, how are you? My name is Richard and I’m a 20 year old college student. Recently I’ve been looking into visiting and maybe joining a community of like minded people. I’m interested in visiting your community and was just wondering what it would take to visit. Please contact back as soon as you can.. THANKS!

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