Land Liberation Project!

The call is out to the widest and farthest worlds. Support the Land Liberation Project!

We are tipi dwellers in Southern Oregon. As Tipi Village we have been nestled on private land within the Cascade-Siskiyou’s since 2008, migrating in the spring and autumn from the mountains to the valley.
Our priorities and inspiration are maintaining and cultivating a way of living which is spiritually and physically harmonious with the land, flora and fauna. Fauna including ourselves and our relationships and their names. We have had an amicable relationship with the land owners throughout this time and recently the land has been put up for sale.
There is a wealthy neighbour who intends to buy the land, have us removed and then sell the land to the national monument for preservation in exclusion of living, human relationship. We feel strongly that re-introducing humanity and wild, inside and outside, is of great importance at this time. Wildness is a neglected aspect of much of our species, especially in the industrialized world.
We have no interest in ‘owning property’ so we have come up with the Land Liberation Project. Land that is part of The Project will never again be sold, will belong to no ‘one’ and shall maintain an open place for any who have the inspiration to live in harmony, low-impact, movable.
This message is a call for help, guidance, ideas, money. I have spent the past twenty years with the largest part of my faith in Mother Earth, before money. This remains the case.
The land owner said we have until the 1st of October before the deal with the neighbour goes through. We’re looking at raising $300,000. We have fiscal sponsorship from the Way foundation (Earthteach) which has non-profit status to allow for tax deductible contributions.   We’re reaching out in all directions. Help!

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