According to some statistic, in 2009 the world’s population shifted to more than fifty per cent living in an urban environment for the first time in human history.

There was an expert talking on the BBC, a podcast, recently about the ‘Environmentalist Movement’ and how it was lacking a Dr.King style ‘dream’. Most scenarios for the future of an environment that supports humans seem to be apocalyptic. This includes the most ardent climate change deniers.

It’s normal now; visiting our village neighbours along pathways through the woods, how pathways develop , like synapses, when we move to a new pitch. The wonder of the children having a clear space to explore, away from the road, on the earth, by the creek, around the fire.

Kayla, the kids and I went up to the summer lands last week and drove to the snow. We walked up to our spot from the summer before last. The snow is still deep in places and we’re keen to start moving up, as soon as we can get in.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Nice pics, keep them coming,

    in three weeks I will be setting up my lodge, for different sites, at least through sept, and if cant find housing close to the res then wherever I can pitch the tipi. Half a dozen moves this year.

    I hope to be able to make some posts on tipi living besides the usual pow wow ones.

    If obama has his way with the country there are apt to be a few million more lodge livers,

    last political post, but we dont live in a vacum .

    Have a great spring and a wonderful season,


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