Thanks to all of our readers and to all those who’ve left comments. We have plenty of excuses why we’re not writing on this blog much these days, mostly around old slow computers and internet access. We like feedback and if we can inspire others to live a more empowered and accountable life then we will be inspired too.

Somehow it became spring after a mild winter here. Population of the village has gone down and up. This winter we’ve been living close to our last winter spot, on the same ranch which is also the same for the summer spot. Personally I’d like to move as soon as the snow is gone. We’re in good relation with the land owners and in a recent circle one of the land owners expressed that he feels more like a caretaker or custodian. This feels good to us and on a level of basic manifestation means we have all that we ask for.

The Big Lodge is up, and is being used for circles, yoga and general gathering.

Rogue Dwellings has kept busy all winter and this year we had a borrowed wood stove in the shop. It’s been well cosy.



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