Long and Full Summer Days

Post by Ande:

July, days have been long and full and recently it started to get hot, apparently in the high nineties in town and maybe ten degrees cooler at home. We came down last night to see the independence day fireworks, main pretext for the kids, although Rowan wasn’t that bothered and a little intimidated and Isla less so.

The garden is starting to take off, we had a late frost over  the solstice weekend and the tomatoes and peppers had a hard time.

The chicken project is coming along and eggs have started arriving from the big hens, over concerns of a couple of eggs getting eaten by a hen. It hasn’t become a habit and we’ll see how it develops…

It’s been busy in the workshop, sewing and harvesting, peeling poles.

We’ve been having issues with dogs; some people wanting to bring dogs and others wanting to live dog-free. Contention being willingly worked through is an incredibly good feeling and strengthens relationships within the community.

Neither Kayla or I have written much about this but as a community our intention for expansion is to own land, which is a contradiction because none of us feel that owning land is ethical…so, to work with this the vision is to ‘liberate’ land with a few solid principles; the Land Trust will own all community land. Trust land will never again be sold. Land under The Trust will be dedicated to all who are inspired to live off the road in low impact movable dwellings. This is a basic skeleton and will need some fleshing out with important principles like moving twice a year, staying free of chainsaws, tractors and avoiding the laying of foundations, pouring concrete.

A few pictures that can probably say more than my words…


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