Elimination Communication

I never imagined that being in tune with another persons bowel movements would be so rewarding.  Rowan was completely out of diapers at 18 months.  dsc01371I can imagine Isla being done with them even earlier than that, if we’re on top of it.  If you’ve never heard of this concept, it’s something like this.  Parents choosing to be aware of a babies need to eliminate waste (pee and poo) and associating cues to these bodily functions.  Eventually a baby will learn the associations and learn to eliminate on cue.  There are many benefits to this practice.  I find that I feel a stronger connection, a deeper bond with my children when I am aware of their bodies needs.  dsc01535Isla wears diapers on a really cold day at home or when I find it difficult to stay in tune with her like on a trip to town.  It’s times after she’s been wearing a diaper for awhile that I realize how much closer I feel to her when she isn’t wearing one.  It makes sense to me.  I mean no offense in this to the diaper wearers out there.  I am puzzled how children can poo and pee in their pants (diaper) when they are old enough to talk.  “Elimination communication” isn’t a new concept, it’s actually ancient, and not really a concept at all but a practical and wholesome way of being with your children.  The whole “potty trained” diaper culture is the new concept.  And I think it takes more ‘work’ trying to convince a toddler to use a potty than using one from the very beginning.  We’ve been up to our chins in poo but it’s been worth it.  Who knew poo could bring two people so close. For more information on all this visit www.diaperfreebaby.org



3 thoughts on “Elimination Communication

  1. Hi,
    My husband just showed me your website and how he thought I would learn a more natural way of raising our son. I wish I had come across this brillant understanding of helping my little one to be more aware ( me be aware too) about what his body is going through from the start. He is 19mnths old now…. could I please ask if you could pass on some advice…. how could I start Jack and myself working together to make it possible for us to know his toilet movements.
    Thank you so much for any help…. blessing Rach, Jack and Chris

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