Big brother

I woke this morning with a child on either side, as usual.  We sleep this way so that I can protect Isla from Rowan’s wiggling about in the night.  We all woke up together laying there in silence, gazing up at the sunlight coming in through the smoke flaps.  Isla let out her first sound of the day, letting Rowan know she was awake.  He sat up, excited to see his sister.  And his first words of the day were “I wanna be next to her, you cook”.  And my first sound of the morning was a good belly laugh, being kicked out of bed by my son to make breakfast.  dsc017372She lights up in the mornings when he sits up and leans over me to stroke her face.  The two of them are beautiful to watch.  He watches out for her, taking small chokables from her, telling her hot when she reaches for the cast iron, shouting for me when she falls over while they’re hanging out, offering her toy after toy when she is upset, the newest, teaching her sign language.  He cracks her up.  His running around and playing peek-a-boo are what really get her going.  Or maybe it’s the raspberries on her belly.  The other day our neighbor friend Violet was running straight for our lodge, coming over to play.  Rowan ran out to her saying “STOP! Isla is sleeping!”  He wasn’t going to let her in and so the two of them played outside.

Family.  It’s the greatest part of my life.









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